Giordana Toccaceli Provides Tricks for Courting in the Moment in time

Giordana Toccaceli Provides Tricks for Courting in the Moment in time

For example, Mechanical Engineering may include more physical knowledge, while computer engineering may be more mathematics, environmental engineering more than the chemical and biology.

So I think you can investigate what different engineering branches do in the first stage. According to him, I think it can be a very successful engineer by choosing an engineering branch in accordance with their interest and skills.

Finally, I would like to add it: To reduce self-confidence to learn as long as the learning request and the perennial. In the opposite, you have proved to be self-confidence that even if you can learn the topics that are not very prone to 2-3 times more efforts. If you are interested in Engineering, I recommend that you don’t have to doubt yourself because of the course of physics, just choosing an engineering branch in accordance with their skills. I also wish you took a very good school in this study.

I finished the 2-year Electronics Technology section and switched to the Yıldız Technical University with DGS. I’m currently studying in 2nd grade. But my knowledge of profession is very little. After graduating, I will work in which area, I don’t know what I will do. I’m currently in a situation that is therefore too much overwhelm. I can’t decide what I would do as I don’t know anything rightly honest. I’m not too good on software I have only basic knowledge. My math knowledge for my history of vocational high school is not very good but I work as much as I can and give my lessons. What should I care about to improve myself in the field of communication? If I work in the field of communication after graduating what kind of challenges are waiting for me, what are the programs I need to learn, I wonder what subjects should I do on research? I will graduate my age 23 and 26, this is quite scare of me quite frightened, just graduating with theoretical knowledge without learning and reading something after reading many years, it scares me very much. What do you recommend me to do? What contributions to make my internships in firms such as Vodafone, Turkcell? My level of English is moderate, I understand that I’m reading and I’m doing my best to improve it in the phase of me to understand. The comments you will do to me are very valuable to me.

Nice to meet you. I see your skill, you want to be successful in the work life where you will develop their skills and graduate. I was very happy to see the request and curiosity to learn what you can do for this purpose.

I remembered my days at the university and the same as you are in thoughts like you. The anxiety and anxiety you hear is very normal, you can allow it to grow you by turning it into an opportunity. Instead of the issues you think is missing, focus on what you do well, what you do.

It is very important to follow the technological developments and current status. If the school has a part that provides cooperation with the sector, try to get to know a little closely, again, you can investigate the technicians of the school and what you are doing, you can be a member of the student associations.

I would highly recommend the study of the agile (agile) study.

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