Giordana Toccaceli Produces Approaches for Relationship inside Instant

Giordana Toccaceli Produces Approaches for Relationship inside Instant

I also attach great importance to working with newly graduated engineers who have these qualities on my behalf.

I think that newly graduated engineers who graduated from a good university and who have advanced knowledge / usage of English / foreign languages ​​make a significant difference in their field. A master or doctorate abroad will also make you different. Some construction companies continue to have projects abroad, and such projects may increase in the future. You can try to work on projects abroad, taking the risk of working hard, staying away from the country for a while and facing difficulties in field conditions. If you go with an education or such opportunity, your chances of finding a job abroad will increase.

Modeling (for air, water, soil pollution, etc.), analysis and mapping through Geographical Information Systems will definitely contribute. These qualifications or the certificates you have always make a difference for your resume.

I am a second year student of Dokuz Eylül University Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am happy with the education of my school (mostly), I also love my department. I would like to ask you a few questions I have in mind. When I graduate, is my GPA an important criterion for being accepted to the job? If I have an average of more than 3 in the 4-point system, do you think this is an important advantage for me? I heard that some people are not even asked for transcripts when hiring, which surprised me, I don’t know if it’s true. My other question is, there is a compulsory internship practice in the summer of 2nd and 3rd grade at my school. I am currently in the spring semester of the 2nd grade, but I am thinking of going to America with the Work and Travel (WAT) program in the summer. Do you think the WAT program will help me? It’s been a little long, finally I would like to get advice from someone like you who can improve myself. In your opinion, what should I do to develop professionally outside of the lessons?

An academic career in the future, Erasmus, a master’s degree abroad, etc. If you have a plan, making your grades above average will definitely give you an advantage in your application. There are different practices in recruitment in the private sector. In general, the grade is not the criterion for a job application; but sometimes it can be the first criterion for application. Completing their departments with a certain degree of success can sometimes be a requirement for application, albeit for very few companies. However, the diploma grade of one of the two candidates, where all other criteria are the same, perhaps will give him an advantage.

I received good feedback from people close to me who experienced Erasmus or Work and Travel (WAT) programs. I observed that this experience further increased their self-esteem. I also observed that they started to look at life and events from a broader perspective. I observed that they were planning their after-school life more confidently. I hope it will be a nice experience for you.

Occupationally what comes to my mind are: working in project groups, participating in the work of professional association student commissions … On the other hand, taking part in social projects, which has become important in our country in recent years, is a way of achieving, demonstrating, self-confidence, motivation. It will also be beneficial in terms of.

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