Giordana Toccaceli Produces Approaches for Internet dating inside the Second

Giordana Toccaceli Produces Approaches for Internet dating inside the Second

Mr. Erdogan says; ‘Even a single woman will continue our challenge until the day is not the victim of violence.’ Madem is, then, then, then you will apply the agreement of the victim of violence, which will implement the agreement of the victim. The Cani in Samsun has not been complained of 9 times in Samsun, has not been played his finger. This woman wanted to help nine times, you don’t even shove your hair. Is this your struggle?

These cowards are clearly to keep the mirror to the faces of cowards that cannot be struggling honestly honestly. I know that you are not looking at the front of you in front of the last week, a Tag study was held ‘Phosphorous Meral’. We know where we walked five years to where this Tag comes from five years. Bahçeli, called the top Board delegates from Konya and he said to me ‘phosphoroated instructions’. Konali two young delegates were also meant to be in the man in which it was fully intended and came to me. I started to explain that they aren’t like they are meant to them. I had to say that we were a phosphoroken Celre to whore that we are all in the past of Mr. Bahçel, who we all said in the past of Mr. Garden in the past. I told him a full year in laughter in laughter to everyone to come and come while you keep it. Then we started to walk the system on 19 June we made a congress. After him, my 9-month-old male is a grandmother and the marriage of my son, he said, he said Germi-Sahih. I revealed that I was demolished over someone. The Istanbul deputy, which was named Celal Man and 50 born in 50, we all returned to me, to everyone here, your homeland is not clear. I want to draw attention to something here. This is how it is six, how is this a psychology. Text Bey gave the court. Judges were stuck with Erdoğan, and the judges were acquitted. This continued Ismet Grandma, from the beginning of a living form from the beginning of the Turkish films, which is very curious, he always used the odds of the odd Turkish movies.

Madem President You are the guarantee of the honor of every woman’s honor in this country. You are the guarantee of life security. Guarantee what I mean what are you judges are prosecutors. But you have given support. Gave support of trolls. We refer you all to Allah. If not today we will be calculated in front of God with you. You know which verses in Kerim in the Quran of the honor of this man in this man. I complain to God, Mr. Erdogan. I’m namer if I don’t struggle at the end though. Although I’m killed I’m also the only one I’m returning from this struggle I am honorless, I’m dishonored. This is a Muslim Turkish woman’s vows.

Throughout the power, violence against women, female killings increased, and then silence. The ministers were not embarrassed, ‘violence against women, the perception of the perception,’ they were silent. The deputies are tired, ‘women’s killings are overrated.

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