Giordana Toccaceli Presents Approaches for Internet dating from the Instant

Giordana Toccaceli Presents Approaches for Internet dating from the Instant

In this article, I made a compilation of the issues that are kept up-to-date from what I have written and drawn during the pandemic period that has been going on for a year. Considering that the impact of the pandemic on our lives in the coming months will continue, albeit with change, I hope that this information will help us understand how children are affected and direct their development.

Life has ceased to be as we know it. Not for the first time, in fact, for most of us for the first time, that the lives of all of us, but of all of us on earth, are simultaneously and to this extent turned upside down. In this situation, which makes it difficult for us to keep up with each other’s needs, where we are collectively affected, we are in a situation where we are left on our own. As we try to adapt to the situation, we encounter changes or disruptions in our life rhythm. The pandemic is sure to leave a mark, but what? In life, we even forget what other people say and do to us, but we never forget what they make us feel.

The pandemic period was a time period in which we did things that we never thought of for those who were interested in work and school. We have experienced and seen completely different jobs that have happened to us, the lives we lost from nothing, the fear we feel for our loved ones, the deep distrust of the rulers, the capacity of the scientific approach to determine the truth and change the future.

We will never forget the feelings of the epidemic period. What feelings? Anger over things that haven’t happened for a few months, regret for what we didn’t do or what we could do otherwise, disappointment for what we expected to happen but didn’t come true, sadness after what went and won’t come, friends, gratitude and warmth when they didn’t leave us alone in our difficult times.

Young people are the ones who feel the most loss and mourning. Apart from losing their relatives, they also have other losses. They lost their friendship, sense of hiding or separation from the family that was really important to them. In addition to being absent from school, many of them were unable to celebrate important days worth remembering, such as graduation ceremonies that marked a “completion”. Although adults think that they have more time to experience such things in front of young people, each of the excitement, joy and sharing that they could not live in this time is a loss for them.

While the young people who had left home for the university had achieved a certain independence, they had a great feeling of loss when they had to return home. The most important characters in the lives of young people who are on a journey of independence are their school friends. They spend this period by finding solace with each other. In this process, devotion to friends and awareness of the value of human relations increased in this age group. Therefore, it seems that the realization that can be experienced in the 30s and 40s, such as understanding the value of others or appreciating relationships with others, will be earlier, especially for high school children. However, reaching out to friends requires a separate struggle, and not being together by breathing the same air sheds the spatial and sensory dimension of relationships.

The specific requirement definition is a very comprehensive definition. For different reasons, we can define mental or physical development as a child who requires special arrangements to benefit from what is offered at school.

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