Giordana Toccaceli Delivers Techniques for Internet dating in the Moment

Giordana Toccaceli Delivers Techniques for Internet dating in the Moment

On the contrary, I think it will be very useful for you to clarify the fields you want to try as you get closer to graduation. I think the issues you can pay attention to while choosing your internship; For your office internship, it means doing an internship in a company that is as good as possible, and for your field internship, an internship in a project that is as good as possible.

I think one of the most important benefits of an office internship is to have a good network. Since office internships are generally a quieter internship period, it will be a period where you will eat, socialize and spend time with the people you do internship. So it would be very beneficial to meet people here who can raise you in terms of vision and environment. That’s why I suggest you choose the company that can give you the best network for your office internship, regardless of department, project and content.

For field internship, it may be more important to see a good project. I think one of the biggest benefits of field internship is getting to know the field environment and culture. The better you can see this environment in a project, the more useful observations you can make. Therefore, I can suggest that you choose a project instead of a company in your field internship and move forward.

As for the topic of English, I recommend that you try to learn English as much as you can because of the time we are in. You asked if language is important or knowledge. But actually these are issues that feed each other. When you know a foreign language, it is possible for you to get information from all the sources written in that language and to communicate with the people who speak that language. In this way, you will increase both your environment, your culture and your technical knowledge. That’s why I recommend you not to convince yourself that English is not necessary. But of course not everyone has the same aptitude for language. So it may be enough to reach a level where you can improve yourself with English resources.

As long as you become aware of the issues you need to improve yourself and address these issues, I think it is possible for you to come to better positions in the future than you anticipated. I wish you a very good internship experience already.

Firstly, thank you for your reply. I decided to stay in the field of computers, I guess this will be healthier. But I do not want to study in the Black Sea. I will switch to Manisa software with Myp or I will try YKS again and try to enter Bakırçay. It makes me very sad that there is a possibility now that I could enter in my first year, but it was the best. My question to you will be on this subject.

It may not be appropriate to make a distinction as to be better or worse than Computer Engineering Software Engineering Department. Of course, if you want, you can switch to the Software Engineering department and improve yourself here. Wherever you are, the most important thing is to take lessons that you can improve yourself in the subject you want to work in the future and to be a good programmer. And also put a lot of effort into learning English. Try to be hard-working and self-sacrificing in your lesson projects and summer internships from the 2nd grade. You will need a lot of practice to be a good programmer in either department.

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