18 Items For you to Know Before Internet dating A United kingdom Guy | Idea Collection

18 Items For you to Know Before Internet dating A United kingdom Guy | Idea Collection

Tips For Meeting the Right British Guy

Dating a British man can be a little tricky. It’s common knowledge that they’re notoriously crazy about on a good relationship. Want to get down on your guy and learn the secret of dating a British guy?

First of all, let’s go over some pointers for dating a British man, so you don’t end up being another statistic. It’s common knowledge that English men are high in the sex department. Also, they like to second date, which is what I’m going to tell you about. I’ve even had some experiences with Spanish men who date Spanish women, because they don’t really care too much about English women.

There is one big problem with dating a British guy, and that is, you can never know for sure if he’s going to fall for you, or if he’s just playing around. This is why there is a huge need for you to do your homework when it comes to dating British men. So what kind of things should you be doing before going out with a British guy? Read on to find out.

When dating a British guy, it’s important for you to be bolder than most of your American friends. They tend to stick to the tried and true methods of flirting, such as wearing the same kind of clothing they always wear at home, having the same kind of attitude, being on good terms, etc… I bet a lot of your friends have done these and failed miserably, which is why it’s time to try something new. The best time to do something different is when you’re back home. Why are you staying over at your cousin’s house all of a sudden?

There is no need for you to dress like a frump or wear a stupid American accent when you’re back home. All you have to do is act like you are completely normal, and let him figure out how to talk to you in English. You will definitely learn a thing or two about speaking British by interacting with the native population. When you get back home, make up for lost time by getting into a new subject of conversation. Do this by talking to your cousin who speaks British, and trying to get them to teach you how to talk properly in the language. If they don’t help, then try asking a random person who knows a little bit about the language.

It would also help if you don’t get jealous of the guys you see with much more successful British guys. When you meet British men, there is always jealousy involved. Most of them see girls who date American guys as weak and desperate. When you date a British guy, he will most likely treat you much more gently and show you more respect than any other guy ever will. As a result you will enjoy your relationship much more when you eventually get married to him.

In fact, even if you don’t speak much English at home, it would still benefit you immensely to learn a few phrases. It’s been said that there are almost two million single British men living in America. You would be surprised to know how many girls have their sights set on British men. Make sure that you make yourself stand out from the crowd, and let your British accent do the talking for you.

Another important factor to remember is that with so many American and European guys flocking to England to start a new life, English dating etiquette often gets forgotten. The Brits can be very funny when it comes to dating, but they can also be quite conservative. You definitely want to make sure that you come across as a fun, sociable and easy-going girl. By being an independent, liberated and free-spirited girl, you will be setting yourself apart from all of the other girls in the pubs and on British dating sites. So, if you want to take your love of the English language to the next level, make sure you learn some British men etiquette before meeting that nice British guy.

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